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The Benefits of Link Building and Some Powerful Techniques

Feb 06, 2023

Content and links are the two leading factors that influence Google to rank a website in the search engine results page. When your website has plenty of links coming from authoritative websites, Google reads this as a sign that your website is an excellent source of information and it is worthy of citation. While it may seem like an easy task, link building is more than posting backlinks all over the internet. Let’s talk about the type of links you can find on a website first, before talking about link building strategies:

Internal links

When we say internal links, these are the links from one page of your website to another page within your website. Internal links help users navigate a website faster and they spread link equity (ranking power) around website pages. Another benefit of having a good internal linking strategy is that it can lower the site’s bounce rate and it helps improve user experience.

By linking to other related pages within your website, you are essentially allowing users to visit more pages in your website. When Google sees that users are staying longer within your website, it takes it as a sign that users are enjoying their stay and finding relevant information within your site.

Inbound links

Inbound links are links coming from other websites to your own website. Before Google launched its Penguin algorithm in 2012, link building was easy. Many SEO services found a loophole around the search engine and tricked its system. Low-quality and dummy websites with pointless content started popping up.

Google had to change its algorithm and make it more complex. Today, a mere link won’t get you high SEO scores. You need to get links from quality, high-authority, and relevant sites. Aside from that, the diversity of links also plays a significant role. Acquiring links is challenging because you need quality content to attract other websites. Although it’s difficult, many see the importance of link building. If you master even one of the types of link building, you’ll get to enjoy the many benefits of link building.

10 Benefits of Link Building

If you’re new to SEO, learning how to start a link building campaign should be at the top of your list. There are many benefits of link building, and you’ll see that they work like a domino effect. Below are the benefits that your website could enjoy if you use link building strategies.

1. Gives You Higher SEO Scores and Site Metrics

As you learn more about SEO, you’ll come across terms such as Domain Authority, Domain Rating, and more. These are ranking metrics developed by different companies. Some use them to understand how Google ranks websites and predict how theirs would fare.
By building links, you can improve your scores in these website metrics. And when you have a high score, your website can benefit health-wise. It can also help you with visibility and exposure.

2. Improves Your Search Engine Ranking

One of the factors that Google looks at to determine the order of website ranking is link popularity. Even if you have good content, you will lose the opportunity of earning the top spot if you don’t have backlinks. That’s because it would be almost impossible for Google to rank you.
If you want to beat your competitors and get featured on the front page, you need backlinks. Get more quality, relevant, and diverse links than what they have and you’ll rank higher.

3. More Visibility and Exposure

Aside from increasing search engine rankings, link building also increases visibility and exposure. When you link or quote a website, their niche can see your article after a search query. You can even use this to increase your online presence in another country.
For example, you can take part in a reciprocal link building with a local from another country. This strategy can be beneficial for your business.

4. Increase Your Web Traffic

An improved search engine ranking can help increase traffic to your domain. People are more likely to click on the website that they first see when searching on Google. It’s rare for someone to even browse until the last page.
Additionally, web traffic can increase when more people see you. You can follow an effective link building strategy that targets relevant niches. This will help you get better traffic from external sources.

5. Continuous Traffic to Your Website

Once you get an authority site to link back to your domain, you’ll receive traffic from that website for a long time. Compared to traditional forms of advertising and marketing, this strategy is more beneficial. After an ad runs its course or a banner gets removed, you no longer get traffic from that channel. But with link building, you won’t have to keep on investing in every business campaign.
That is why creating a permanent backlink is crucial. By building quality links, more websites will point back to your domain. In turn, you can enjoy continuous web traffic from those external sources.

6. Gives You Better Credibility and Reputation

When authority sites link to your domain, you get more credibility and reputation. Link building indicates that they endorse you as an excellent source of information. This also shows your domain’s authoritative strength.
If more publishers point to your website, your credibility factor will increase. Aside from search engines, other users will also see this as a sign of your good reputation. They will then want to refer to your website the next time they’re looking for information.

7. Sets You as an Industry Leader

Every brand aims to stand out and be at the forefront of its industry. One of the benefits of link building is that it can help establish your brand as an authoritative voice. By sharing quality content, you will come across as someone with authority in the subject. Your brand will dominate conversations in your industry.

8. Improves Your Relationship With Your Target Market

Since building links set you as an industry leader, more consumers will choose your brand. And as your credibility and reputation improve, your consumer’s trust will increase. You will also get to connect closer to your target audience as you have more visibility and exposure.

9. More Opportunities for Sales and Revenue Generation

Higher site metrics and web traffic open more opportunities for revenue generation. As your site appears higher in the search engines, more potential clients can reach you. You will get to reach a wider audience and other niches. Aside from being able to sell more, you will also have newer sources of revenue.

10. Provides More Information and Quality Content for Your Readers

Link building allows you to offer more information to your readers. Some brands tend to forget about this, but adding value to consumers should always be the goal. Your readers should enjoy your content and feel they’re getting something out of it. This can help increase brand loyalty.

4 Uncommon and Powerful Link Building Techniques

Your SEO campaigns can get boring once you run out of ideas. You draft an article, write a press release, and submit blog posts. It’s the same old task every day. While these produce reliable results, the uncommon approaches are the real game-changer.
Here are four uncommon and powerful link building techniques. If you use them wisely, you can enjoy the benefits of link building listed above.

1. Work With an Influencer

Working with an influencer is one of the best link building strategies. Influencers are masters at creating brand awareness, so you will definitely get traffic. They built up a high level of trust with their followers. So their audience will welcome any recommendations from them with a positive outlook.
Don’t simply offer any influencers a free product or service in exchange for a link. Instead, look for someone that has the same niche as you and provide them with something that they need. This approach can result in an online relationship that you can leverage to build links.

2. Hire an Established Blogger

Getting an established blogger to write for you is a great investment. You don’t even have to include them on your payroll. One article per month can already give you long-term benefits. They know how to create quality content that readers want to read. And it’s natural for them to link to an article that they wrote for you in the past. Not only will you get a high-quality link, but you will also enjoy external traffic.

3. Free or Low-Cost eBooks

The problem with Google is that it’s already too saturated. There are too many businesses vying to get a high search engine ranking. Chances are, your content will get eaten up after a few minutes if you have high-traffic keywords.
The good news is that there are other places where you can reach an audience. Marketplaces like Amazon and Barnes & Noble have a fair share of traffic. It’s not as saturated as Google, so you can capitalize on this to reach your niche.
You can write an eBook and add the link to your website on the cover and on the pages of the book. The book doesn’t have to be lengthy. It can be anywhere from five to a hundred pages or 2,000 to 35,000 words long. You can list it in the marketplace for a low price, or offer it for free.

4. Q&A Sites

Quora and Yahoo Answers are some of the go-to websites where people seek answers. You should check out the top questions on these websites and write a blog post on the subject. Provide as much detail as you can and present it in a format that’s comprehensive and appealing.
After you’re done posting your article, write a summary of your answer. Post it as a response to the question on the website and add the link to your article. Aside from the backlinks, you’ll have a steady stream of traffic on your website.