Learn What SEO Is All About:

How On Page, Technical and Off Page SEO Works

Did you know that the SEO industry is worth $80 billion?

There is an evergreen need for SEO specialists who can help business websites rank higher in Google.

In this webinar, I discussed how SEO works, what onpage SEO is, and how you can build website authority through offpage SEO (link building).

Grab your pen and paper or make sure you’re taking down notes.

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What You'll Learn:

Introduction to








But in case you don’t know me yet, let me share my story with you…

My name is Angel and I’ve been working as an SEO Strategist and white hat link builder for close to 7 years. During my early days of freelancing, I was happy and content with earning $2.50/hour. When I learned about SEO, I realized I could earn more than that. I made sure to add more value to my client’s business, so they started getting good results down the road. After proving my skills and expertise, I got clients who pay as high as $100/hour and monthly retainers of up to $10,000. But don’t get me wrong — I don’t work 16 hours a day like most freelancers. 

I only work 2-3 hours a day and yet, I can still earn betwen PHP 200,000 – PHP 500,000 per month.

The extra money that I make by working for my clients simultaneously allowed me to help my family and friends during the pandemic.

I want you to experience the same financial security I enjoy. While security of tenure is not 100% guaranteed in the freelancing industry, you will never run out of projects when you arm yourself with the right skills.

What Attendees Have Said About Previous Webinars

Camille Elaine Catu

"Thank you Miss Angel, you're lighting our way. Nakakaligaw po ang SEO, dami pasikot sikot pero tiyaga lang at will na matuto."

Jadi Val Akuti

"Wala akong maintindihan sa naenroll ko dati ngayon lang nagsink in sakin unti unti. Buti napapad ako dito laking tulong, sobra. Thanks coach Angel"

Cath Mallo

"I had attended free SEO course before and got some free resources din. Pero mas naiintindihan ko ito. Thanks Coach."

Fritz Delle Anos

"I recently attended an SEO class before joining Coach Angel's SEO live webinar and napakalayo po ng difference. I thought kaya ko na magwork as freelance SEO but when I joined coach Angel's class, ang lawak pala ng SEO and ang dami kong natutunan. She always responds sa mga questions namin kahit tapos na ang webinar niya. Coach Angel is building a community here in our country kahit wala ka pang alam sa SEO."

Ritzel Tampos

"Just want to share I'm watching the webinar videos right now, halfway palang, and just wany to say na ang galing mag explain ni Miss Angel. Mas naintindihan ko yung keyword research explanation ni Coach compare sa online course na sinalihan ko dati. I'm really glad na I joined this webinar."

Shierwin Royo

"Of all the SEO Courses I took online, Coach Angeline is my favorite! Why? Because you can really feel and sense that she is a great and caring teacher/mentor! I have never experienced a more fun and exciting LIVE SEO webinar than her. Plus, she is very generous and kind. I am deeply grateful and honored to be under your care. More blessings to come!! Siksik liglig at umaapaw na blessings."